Should I forgive a cheating partner?

Love is like a seed planted by god and watered by men. It fills our life with colors. Love is strong enough to melt a stone yet delicate enough to be broken. Therefore, just a single seed of suspicion in your partner’s mind can shake the foundation of your relationship. Once the trust is gone, it is very hard to regain it. If you somehow got to know that your partner is cheating on you then what will you do? Will you be able to forgive him?
This is a question very hard to answer. The points given below might help you to come out of this confusion.

1) History of your partner
It will be an act of foolishness if you forgive your partner for his 5th or 6th mistake. If you do so then he will stop respecting you and your feelings and keep on hurting you. Playing with your heart will become his favourite hobby. In this case there is no chance that you should forgive him. Forgiving him will be like motivating his activities.
2) What is at stake?
Before stepping out of your cheater partner’s life you should give a thought to the point what all you may lose with this relationship. For example:- Are you raising kids together? Is his wealth and business more important for you? If it is just a marriage of convenience and what is more important for you is his wealth or your kids then his mistakes won’t bother you much and it will be easier for you to forgive him. Otherwise, it is advisable to leave him like a horrible past, not meant to remember.
3) What kind of relationship you share with your partner?
Even if your partner is not ugly, you face temptation for some people at some point of time and you can’t avoid it. It is you who should have strong backbone, self-discipline and will power to say no. But what if your partner is not strong enough to resist? Before taking any action just think for a moment. What kind of relationship you have with him? Is he caring, loving and a wonderful parent to your kids? If he is like that then give him a chance. Otherwise, silently walk out of his life.
4) How they behave after cheating you?
This is the most important parameter to decide whether he should be given second chance or not because it is the intensity of their guilt and willingness to allow you to feel their pain which will help you to heal fast and rebuild that trust again. If for them it is not a big deal and a “sorry” is enough to show guilt then he deserved to be kicked out of your life. In no way you should forgive him.
Whatever decision you might take just remember one thing that forgiving is not the only thing. You should know that after forgiving your relationship should start from zero. You must guarantee that whatever happened is past and it should not affect your present and future.

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